IACG, international academic consulting group, is majorly focused on providing both students and parents with information about study programs offered globally. We have experienced staff who have a vast knowledge on various courses. They have gone through some of the high class schools and so they exactly knows where to get world-class standards for a particular course. Having helped several students to find the best place to pursue their dream career in places such as the US, makes us the ideal place to get exact information on the best education institutions in the world. We not only help you in the very first steps of choosing the best school but also provide necessary guidance through the entire study program.

Besides helping students, we also provide institutions with up to date information concerning what study programs that are highly in demand in the market. Furthermore, we advise institutions on the exact needs of the students so that they grow to meet their exact needs. Institutions that major into new countries, we help to set up an office for them, offer marketing services and help them to pick up really fast in the new market. Over the years we happen to have built links with students and parents in various countries. For this reason most of the students and parents are comfortable confiding in us than education institutions.

We have a vast knowledge of the best programs and not only that we exactly know how to much the abilities of the students to the study program that best suits them. We deal with a global market and so we also provide visa assistance to students to help the settle in foreign countries for dream study programs.